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4 Reasons You'll Love Quartz Countertops

Quartz Color Options

If you're doing kitchen design and remodeling in Manhattan, NY, you know that one of the most important decisions you make is what type of countertop to install. There are so many great, high-end choices, so it can be difficult to make a decision. Quartz is quickly becoming the top choice for many kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects because it has so many incredible benefits. In fact, its popularity has increased 60% since 2004! ( Here are 4 important reasons you'll love your quartz countertops.


Natural stone has long been considered the most beautiful and durable choice for countertops, but quartz is quickly rising as a competitor simply because of its beauty and numerous choices of colors and designs. Quartz is made of natural stone, but it's manufactured by grinding natural quartz and binding it with polymer resins. The resulting countertop is 95% stone with 5% resin, so it's a beautiful, strong finished product. The color choices are practically unlimited, so homeowners have endless choices to help them coordinate their countertops with their design plan. Quartz has a number of edging options like other stone, but it can be used in areas that natural stone can't. It's installed using glue and epoxy rather than screws, so it's an option for vertical areas like shower enclosures and backsplashes.


Another reason you'll love quartz countertops is because of their durability. They're strong like natural stone, but non-porous, so they'll resist stains much better than other natural stone countertops. In fact, the resin binder used in quartz countertop manufacturing gives it a little extra flexibility and durability. In addition, quartz won't corrode when exposed to cleaning products or other abrasive liquids. It's heat resistant and resists scratches, chipping, and cracking better than some types of natural stone as well.

The durability of quartz countertops makes it more likely that you'll have a warranty on the product, which is often not an option with granite or marble countertops. Quartz countertops can easily last 50-100 years and still be in great condition and look beautiful.

Quartz Counters in New Kitchen

Low Maintenance

One of the most appealing benefits of quartz countertops is how little maintenance they require. Since quartz is non-porous, you won't have to periodically seal your countertops as you would granite or other natural stone. The non-porous quality of quartz also means that your countertops won't trap and harbor bacteria. The surface can be cleaned using just water and a cloth or paper towels. You can use other cleansers if desired, but it's best to use a non-abrasive cleaner. Since the countertop will be stain resistant already, you should rarely need more than a wet wipe or dish cloth and soapy water to clean the counter.


One reason kitchen & bathroom general contractors have seen such a rise in the popularity of quartz countertops is that the cost of quartz has been steadily decreasing in recent years as the cost of engineering them drops. They're comparable in price to granite, but with the added benefits that granite doesn't have. Additionally, quartz is becoming more available in major home and garden centers and is being made by more manufacturers, so it's easier to shop around and find the best option. These prefabricated options are less expensive than custom quartz options, so many people with a smaller budget are using this option, ending up very pleased with the end result.

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