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10 Innovative Remodeling Ideas for Your Bathroom

bathroom remodeling ideas

It's important to consider innovative and creative ideas when you renovate your bathrooms, especially in 2017, when artful and unique features are design expectations. Gone are the days of suiting tightly laid out trends. Today, take inspiration from the work of the top bathroom remodeling companies to inspire your own remodeling project. So, whether you are performing bathroom remodeling in Manhattan, NY, to update an older property or to give an artful and ambient spruce to an ordinary set of bathrooms, start by considering these 10 innovative ideas.

  1. Don't cover up your bathroom windows, but spotlight them in unique ways. Consider installing a bathtub under the windowsill to maintain a level of privacy over a large window, or build a walk-in shower around a large window. But, run a curtain rod over it so you can shut water-resistant drapes when you want to shower.

  2. Prepare for harsh weather extremes with responsive, energy-efficient appliances and windows, as well as updated insulation--a must for older homes. Bathroom remodeling contractors can evaluate your bathrooms for signs of inefficiency and energy waste.

  3. Substitute boring, flat mirrors with a designer mirror over your vanity, by the closet door, and even across from the bathtub. This gives your bathroom an individualized, designer feel unlike any neighbor's bathroom.

  4. Add heated flooring to even the chilliest stone floors for warm mornings and evenings in every bathroom. Don't step out of the bathtub or shower and onto an icy floor. Warm feet will give you a comfortable and spa-like experience every day.

  5. Substitute decorated walls with highly textured wall materials, including wainscoting, molding, or even wood paneling. It takes a certain kind of wood and coating to protect it from moisture, so rely on professional bathroom remodeling companies for their advice and guidance.

  6. When it comes to paint, you have several options. Are you tired of seeing plain, white bathrooms in almost every home? Update this design choice with earthy neutrals like olive or pale blue, or push the envelope with wild, jewel tones and metallic finishes.

  7. Stainless steel was a must in the early 2000s. but your hardware choices have branched out nowadays. Ceramic pulls, polished bronze faucets, and other warm fittings add a touch of Old Country flair to what would otherwise be a cold, unfamiliar space.

  8. If you are remodeling your bathroom with contractors, they can help you access a catalog of the most innovative and professional-grade shower heads on the market today. Feel the benefits of pampering yourself every day and night with expert shower heads that waste less water, while still offering massaging sensations and full-body coverage.

  9. Don't light your bathroom with plain recessed lighting. In years past, bathrooms had basic lighting. Light your bathroom like a comfortable living area with designer pendants over the vanity and other elegant fixtures. Most bathroom remodeling services include design tips so that you can find the pieces that stand out to you most.

  10. Finally, go green with energy-saving appliances, lighting, and fixtures to cut down on your energy waste and live up to a green standard. This is a feature you can gladly boast about to family and other guests.

For these and other ideas, talk to renovation and remodeling experts in your area. One phone call to a contractor specializing in bathroom remodeling in Manhattan, NY, is all that separates you from the most impressive, designer-grade, home spa bathroom of your dreams.

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