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7 Tips For Planning A Bathroom Remodel

Manhattan Bathroom Shower

Do your bathrooms feel like disappointments? Do you feel serious envy when you spot beautiful bathrooms on blogs or TV? Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Manhattan, NY, is pricey work, but it's only worth the money if you know what you're doing. This doesn't mean you should learn how to replace plumbing. It means that you need to know how to plan a remodel. For kitchen and bathroom remodeling to be successful, you have to have a clear idea of what your goals are, and you need to follow some expert advice throughout the process. Here are 7 tips for planning a successful bathroom remodel.

  • Protect Nearby Spaces - First of all, you need to plan for the length and messiness of a bathroom remodel. You're going to live for several weeks without being able to use the bathroom undergoing remodeling. Also, kitchen and bath remodeling usually requires moving or replacing plumbing, tearing out flooring, and painting. Protect nearby spaces from the rubble so that you don't end up having to invest more money repairing the mess.

  • Focus on Storage - Your first priority for any renovation design is to increase storage potential. This will help you keep your surfaces neat and clean. Bathroom and kitchen cabinet remodeling experts can craft custom cabinetry for your bathroom so you can store away cleaning products, towels, toiletries, and more.

  • Don't Forget Counter Space - As attractive as pendant sinks and freestanding tubs are, they don't account for something extremely important: counter space. You need convenient surfaces to store everyday hygienic products like shampoo and soap, and you need counter space around a sink to keep makeup, hair straighteners, and other items you will want within arm's reach while you get ready.

  • Create a Natural Flow - A good bathroom should flow naturally. There should be a convenient path from appliance to appliance without having to squeeze around tight corners or feeling cramped. If your home is short on space, skip out on unnecessary features that will use up precious space and make a bathroom feel awkward. Careful planning can help you avoid an uncomfortable result that will make you pine for your old bathroom.

black bathroom in Manhattan

  • Hide the Toilet - For good design, keep the toilet out of view. There are many ways that a professional remodeling contractor can help you achieve this. A local kitchen remodeling contractor in Manhattan, NY, should also have the expertise to remodel bathrooms. They can build half-walls, glass partitions, and other features that hide toilets from immediate view when you enter a bathroom.

  • Appliances Are Centerpieces, Not Afterthoughts - Appliances shouldn't just fit into a bathroom, they should stand out. Your tub, shower, and sink can express as much architectural beauty as a vanity or floor could. You just need to shop in the right place.

  • Don't Do It Alone - Don't try to remodel your own bathroom. It takes too much time, money, and expertise to pull it off, and amateur mistakes can be costly. Instead, turn to professional bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Manhattan, NY, for professional-looking results. From minor jobs like repainting to a major overhaul, a remodeling expert's advice can help you pull off the entire process, from a smart redesign to protecting your assets throughout the job.

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