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Benefits of Hiring a Full Service General Contractor

You’ve scrimped and saved and finally have enough money set aside to build your dream home. You and your partner know enough to be fairly accomplished do-it-yourselfers, but would never tackle a project this big. If not you, who will build it?

At first you consider being your own general contractor, since you know a lot of the professionals in the building trades. But, common sense tells you it might be more complicated than you have time to tackle, so you think you might want to hire a general contractor to build your house. What are the advantages of using a general contractor?

  • For you, a general contractor is a one-stop shop. They’re the only person you will make plans with, talk with, solve problems with.

  • The general contractor knows who they can trust in the building industry. They often work with plumbers and electricians, as well as installers for carpets, tile, air conditioning and heating units.

  • A general contractor can orchestrate the building of your

home by knowing when to call sub-contractors, how long they will need to do their portion of the job, and what subcontractors can be working on your house at the same time.

  • A general contractor knows the permitting process and often will facilitate that.

  • A general contractor has experience in building houses and will anticipate obstacles and strategies for overcoming them.

  • A general contractor often has relationships with supply stores and gets a discount, which is then passed on to you.

  • A general contractor will carry insurance that covers their workers while employed for them.

While the prospect of serving as your own contractor is appealing, hiring a contractor can save you time, money, and in many cases, heartache. Your building contractor is a professional that will take pride in delivering your home on the timetable they promised, and with quality workmanship.

Manhattan General Contractor

BARE Renovations is ready to build your home, or paint a wall. No job is too big or too small. Richard Kessner’s father started the tri-state area business in 1973 installing wood floors. Slowly, BARE Renovations grew into the full-service general contracting it is today. Because Richard has a hands-on approach, a commitment to quality workmanship, and pushes for constant progress on the timetable, Richard meets with every client on a weekly basis. BARE Renovations wants to be your general contractor. Call him today to discuss your next project!

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