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DIY Summer Projects!

Even as we’re getting back to “normal”, we’re still being advised to stay home when possible. As that’s the case, why not use your transitional time well and seize the opportunity to work on simple DIY projects around the house. These projects can boost your spirits, and some may even boost the appeal of your home to buyers if you’re thinking about selling.

To get our creative juices flowing, we sat down with renovation and design expert Carleigh Jurofsky of Bare Renovations. Here are her top DIY ideas that you can hammer out while keeping your social distance.

Hang Wall Art

A quick, easy, and inexpensive idea that can dramatically change your space is to cover your walls with art. Anything can be turned into art. So, before you buy something, take a look around your house. Don’t be afraid to hang a rug, an objet, a basket, a record — anything you enjoy looking at.

For a chic and timeless look, mount magazine covers on poster paper and put them into inexpensive Ikea frames.

Embrace Summer Scents 

Scents can be a total game changer. The way a room smells plays a big part in the mood it cultivates. As summer has arrived, bring the scent of the tropics to Westchester. Some of Carleigh’s favorite summer candles include scents from Rhythm Flow Candle Company and Pretty Honest Shop.

Embellish, Swap, Repeat 

When decorating, start with basic staples, like the family couch. It’s easy to dress up to fit your mood. Throws and pillows add the perfect pops of color and can add sparks of character to your space. The best part? You can swap them out as you choose, ultimately creating different and unique vibes.

Same goes for bedding. Mixing it up and swapping out your usual bedding with fun and unexpected additions can change the feel of an entire bedroom, minus the commitment to a permanent change.

Rearrange the Furniture

It can feel like a daunting task, but it’s a no-commitment option that will switch up the flow of your space.

First, be conscious of where the natural light comes from. You want to make sure that when you arrange a sitting area, you’re not obstructing any natural light from filling your room. Next, consider the option of sectioning off separate spaces within one room. When seating faces inward, it won’t obstruct the flow of the room. Lastly, don’t feel the pressure to commit. Play around with the arrangement. You’re stuck at home and you’ve got the time.

Up Your Tableware Game

Simple hack: Buy gorgeous glassware. Carleigh recently invested in a set of everything from Estelle Colored Glass.

Pick Up Plants

Plants add natural beauty to a space, and studies show that plants can make us happy. Since keeping plants alive can be challenging, consider cheating. Good faux flowers can fool even your most stylish friends.

Another fun option is a plant subscription. Enjoy gorgeous, live plants and if you happen to let them die, you’ve got a monthly delivery to look forward to. Genius!

Give Attention to Neglected Spaces 

We all have rooms that could use a little extra attention, but, somehow, we’ve never gotten around to doing anything about it. Maybe it’s an office, or a guest bedroom, or even something as small as a laundry room. Now is the perfect time to finally get on those smaller projects.

Plan a Few Bigger Projects

Bigger renovation and remodeling projects take time and planning. If you’ve had a dream renovation project in mind, reach out to an expert, like Bare Renovations. While you may not be able to get to work right away, there’s a ton of planning that goes into a remodeling project. Now is a great time to start.

If you’d like to learn more about Carleigh and Bare Renovations, check out

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